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Opportunities are available to study within all our departments. Use the guide below to find out more about the different areas of research or use the links to visit our department websites.

ACSEAutomatic Control and Systems Engineering (ACSE)

Systems and control engineering features in almost every aspect of our life. From smartphones and cars, to medical and defence systems, to aerospace and the robots that assemble cars, explore the depths of the sea or the surface of the planets. Recent high-level research includes developing swarm robots to act collectively in search and rescue missions, influencing government policy on alcohol price modelling and forecasting space weather patterns to protect the Earth's space and ground systems.

Control and Systems Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training*

Study your PhD at ACSE and join us in a unique department, with a widely acknowledged reputation for world-leading research.

In our research we address fundamental challenges in understanding and managing the complexity of man-made and natural systems. Our approach focuses on theoretical developments in complex systems analysis, modelling, control and computational intelligence.

*Please note this differs from the EPSRC funded CDTs and students will be expected to complete their research degree over three years.

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CBE labChemical and Biological Engineering (CBE)

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering has a worldwide reputation for its broad range of innovative research. The key themes within the department are energy, environment, fluids and microsystems, life science and solid materials. The department's acclaimed research benefits industry and tackles some of the world's biggest challenges, including clean energy and disease.

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Civil engineering studentCivil and Structural Engineering

Research within the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering could help create and shape the world and have a direct and positive impact on people's lives, now and for future generations.

The department has three overarching research areas; structures, ground engineering/geotechnics and water and environmental engineering. These areas can further be divided into computational mechanics and design, geotechnical engineering, water engineering, steel structures and fire engineering, cell-mineral research and structural, concrete and earthquake engineering.

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Computer Science researchComputer Science

Almost every aspect of modern life involves computing; from mobile phones, televisions, planes, trains, cars, to gaming, security and medicine. The Department of Computer Science has a number of research groups which cover the variety of topics that are part of this indispensable subject. These include computational biology, verification and testing, natural language processing, virtual reality, graphics and simulation, machine learning, speech and hearing and organisations, information and knowledge.

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Electronic and Electrical Engineering labElectronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE)

The Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE) covers three main research themes; communications, electrical machines and drives and semiconductor materials and devices. The department is respected internationally for its many important contributions and can provide students with access to world-class facilities and exposure to the latest developments in the field.

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Material Science researchMaterials Science and Engineering (MSE)

Materials science helps to shape the world around us. It is vital to aerospace, energy, construction, healthcare and information technology. Key research themes include biomaterials, materials for nuclear fission and nuclear fusion, polymer composites, advanced additive (3D) manufacturing and much more. 

Research from MSE has the potential to create a huge and diverse impact from reducing CO² emissions of Airbus aircraft using advanced coatings to creating artificial skin to help burns patients. The department is internationally recognised for both the quality of its research and educational provision.

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Mechanical Engineering labMechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is internationally renowned for high quality research. The research looks at some of today’s most challenging issues such as renewable energy, alternative fuels, strong and lightweight aerospace materials, advanced manufacturing and the mechanics of the human body. The research is cutting-edge, spanning both fundamental science and industrial applications.

Mechanical Engineering allows for a range of diverse and interesting research projects from 3D printing to the traction of studded footwear to the influence of mechanical forces on the behaviour of cells and tissues.

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