Development of a Lattice-Boltzmann based model for the deposition process in chemically reacting flows


The modelling of deposition using classical CFD methods relies heavily on mesh adaption and refinement. When dealing with significant geometrical changes in the flow field due to the deposition process, numerical errors can develop due to the large deformations required by the computational grid to adapt to the modified geometry to model such phenomenon.

The aim of this project is to utilise the Lattice-Boltzmann method, which does not require a computational grid to resolve the flow field in order to develop a deposition model for chemically reacting flows. In this way, the accuracy of simulating such cases will not be affected by the amount of deposit growth on the surface, therefore enabling the simulation of large amounts of deposits generated on the wetted walls.

This method will have a significant impact across disciplines as it will be able to be applied in a wide range of problems ranging from aero engines to heart arteries undergoing stenosis and enable the simulation of fluid passages that can become severely restricted from deposits.

This is a self-funded PhD.

For further information contact Dr Spiridon Siouris (

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