Enhance the resilience of the UK gas networks to meet the future challenges


Supervisors: Dr Y Wu, Professor M Pourkashanian, Professor L Ma and Dr K Finney.

The natural gas networks have played an important role in the energy supply to both domestic and industrial users in the UK - and will need to continue to do so. However as the energy supply diversifies and localised renewable energy production emerges and needs to be integrated into the system, the gas networks face increasing pressure. Considerable upgrading and adaptations of the network will consequently be required to meet the market changes.

This project will investigate the effect of adding the gas produced from renewable technologies into the network and examine their effects on the network safety level and integrity. The project will involve both experimental investigation and chemical kinetic modelling of mixtures of natural gas, syn-gas and hydrogen. Case studies will be carried out on a variety of systems, including the wind-to-gas mini grid based in Sheffield.

For further information contact Dr Yajue Wu (y.wu@sheffield.ac.uk).

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