Next generation CCS technology for combined cycle gas turbine system


Supervisors: Professor M Pourkashanian, Professor L Ma, Professor K Hughes

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) from CCGT (combine cycle gas turbine) systems is an emerging near-zero emission technology that can applied to new and retrofit CCGT power plants, leading to a substantial reduction in carbon emission to the atmosphere in power generation industry. This project will model the performance and/or techno‐economic assessment for full scale power plants that employ the next generation CCS technologies.

Plant process simulation software packages, such as the gCCS and Aspen will be employed as a platform to develop plant simulation tools. CFD simulations will be used for oxyfuel combustion modelling with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), and linked to the process modelling. The output from this project may be used for future CCS power plant design optimisation, demonstration and/or staff training.

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