Oxygen enhanced gas desulphurisation


Supervisors: Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian and Professor Lin Ma.

Gas desulphurising is an important process in waste gas treatment process units found in many chemical processing industry, such as in oil refineries and gasification plants. It converts highly toxic hydrogen sulphide gas into harmless elemental sulphur to achieve gas cleaning.

This project investigates an advanced oxygen enrichment technology to enhance the desulphurising process and to achieve energy savings and increased contaminant destruction. Computational modelling will be performed to assess the oxy-acid gas reaction processes involving multiple chemical reaction kinetics.

The research will significantly improve the current understanding and the modelling capability of the desulphurising process involving gas streams with more complex chemical compositions and potentially lead to an improved reactor design for the process.

For further information contact Professor Derek B Ingham (d.ingham@sheffield.ac.uk).

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