Process modelling of biomass gasification systems integrated with CO2 capture


Supervisors: Professor M Pourkashanian, Professor K Hughes, Professor L Ma, Dr M Diego de Paz

Combination of energy generation from biomass sources and CO2 capture technologies (Bio-CCS or BECCS) is already recognised as a potential option to tackle climate change in most scenarios, as it is linked to the concept of negative CO2 emissions. This project will use process simulation tools such as Aspen Hysys or gCCS (gPROMS) to investigate these systems.

A complete and rigorous model will be created and run for the gasification system, considering a range of biomass sources (including wastes) with different composition as raw materials. Several CO2 capture technologies will be then simulated and coupled to the gasification system (eg amines, Rectisol process, VSA) incorporating the latest advancements.

A techno-economic analysis will be conducted and these options will be compared in terms of capture performance, energy consumption and cost.

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