About Us

Welcome to our enterprising team and offer, here at the University of Sheffield. We are bringing students, graduates, staff, experts and businesses together to form a diverse, enterprising community. Here we share our mission and vision and introduce our team.

Ambitious Plans

Our Mission

We will be far more than just a university service.  Our offer will: 

  • Help embed a University-wide enterprising culture
  • Ensure enterprise is accessible for everyone
  • Develop skilled, confident enterprising individuals
  • Nurture innovation-driven startups
  • Increase impact through IP commercialisation
  • Support growth of the regional ecosystem

Our Vision

We see a time in the near future when there is a thriving and renowned community of enterprise here at the University of Sheffield.

Our innovation hub will be home to teams made up of individuals from every faculty, bringing their unique skills to solve problems, test solutions and launch new ventures. From community projects tackling homelessness in Sheffield, to scaling international digital products and cutting edge deep tech spinouts, our community’s efforts will reach far and wide.

Whilst we will provide the infrastructure for support and mentoring, this will be a self-sustaining community in which success stories breed more engagement, and those a little further on their journeys will actively pass on their knowledge and bring others along with them.  Together we will forge new opportunities for all.

Our Team

Scott Gladwood

Scott Gladwood

Strategic Lead

Having successfully launched and scaled his own business, Scott joins our team as strategic lead and mentor.  Scott brings a wealth of experience in addition to an endless supply of enthusiasm for all things startup!  Passionate to help our community build a brand, to communicate effectively with customers and stakeholders and ultimately, to scale startups into high-impact businesses.

Tom Hemington

Tom Hemington

Enterprise Officer

A former engineering graduate, turned entrepreneurial enabler that has experience of establishing and supporting businesses.  Tom is passionate about equipping people to be enterprising in all that they do, creative problem solving and supporting people to take opportunities that put all this into practice.    


María Fernanda Velázquez de la Paz

Commercialisation Expert

Fer, is our commercialisation entrepreneur in residence who never sits still.  With a huge capacity to plan, support and execute entrepreneurial activities, build communities or be out exercising, Fer is an integral part of the team offering commercialisation expertise.

We also have Gabriele Barteskaite, our fantastic intern.  A skilled Computer Science student, Gabriele's passion for enterprise stems from her own startup, a indoor vertical farm in Sheffield. 

Get in Touch

The Diamond building

Visit our hub

You will find our team in our Hub located in the Diamond on the ground floor adjacent to the cafe.  We are a welcoming bunch, so feel free to drop by and say hi!  

Ideas Matter

Have an idea?

We love to hear about ideas and businesses that students, graduates and staff have.  Use our business idea form to tell us more as we will be able to help you on your journey whatever stage you are at.

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Engagement Input Form

After support?

We are dedicated to building a community passionate about solving problems.  You may not have an idea yet, but you're in the right place.  Use our engagement form to share what support you are after and we will be in touch.

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