Erasmus exchanges

Our Trier colleague, Dr Elisa Müller-Adams, pays a visit to Sheffield as part of the Erasmus Staff Mobility scheme and Josie Batchelor checks in from Eppstein.

Dr Elisa Mueller-Adams

One of Germanic Studies' newest exchanges is with Germany's oldest city, Trier, which nestles among vineyards on the banks of the Moselle River. This week we were delighted to host our Trier colleague, Dr Elisa Müller-Adams, who lectures in German literature and intercultural gender studies, as part of the Erasmus Mobility scheme.

Dr Müller-Adams has a long-standing fascination with aquatic themes and travel writing: she has published on mermaids, islands and Germans who travelled through Britain.

As well as co-teaching several literature and culture classes this week, Dr Müller-Adams gave second year students – who are considering Year Abroad choices at the moment –  a first-hand view of university life in Trier.

Dr Müller-Adams started her own teaching career at the University of Sheffield, so this week she was able to catch up with the big changes on campus and was thrilled to be here in time to catch events organised by the Prokhorov Centre and Off the Shelf. 

Erasmus student mobility

Our third year students, who are currently on their Erasmus year abroad, contact their personal tutors regularly for a quick update sometimes accompanied with some fresh pictures. Thanks to Josie Batchelor (BA German and French), pictured here at the top of Hohen Salzburg Fortress.

Josie Batchelor on Hohen Salzburg Fortress

I’m loving it in Eppstein! The work is very varied everyday because my leader has given me tasks over such a wide spread of the organisation; I feel like I’m dipping my toe in a bit of everything which is really fun. Josie Batchelor

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