13 February 2020

Sarah Muller wins Prokhorov Prize

The 2019-2020 Prokhorov Prize for Outstanding Contribution to the Research Culture and Life of the School of Languages and Cultures has been awarded to Sarah Muller.

Sarah Muller, winner of of Prokhorov prize

Sarah Muller is a worthy winner of the Prokhorov Prize: she is active as a researcher, a tutor, a curator, and as an events organisor.

Muller has organised a wide range of research events, including Luxembourg Studies colloquia, PGR workshops on qualitative methods and writing retreats for PGRs and staff. Beyond the university, she co-organised the #LuxUKLinks Exhibition at the Millennium Galleries and took part in the Festival of Social Sciences where she designed multilingual ‘zines with children.

She has made a powerful contribution to the teaching of Luxembourgish language and culture by designing innovative learning projects, including the writing and recording of creative short stories. In 2019, Sarah was short-listed for the university-wide Students’ Union prize for the Best Postgraduate Student Teacher Award.

Muller’s doctoral research is innovative in its multimodal methodological approach that comprises the analysis of language portraits and other artefacts created by primary school children in Luxembourg. She presented her work at many high-profile conferences, including the International Bilingualism Symposium and the Sociolinguistics Symposium. She has recently published a chapter in the volume Multilingualism, (Im)mobilities and Spaces of Belonging.

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