Dr Anna GeurtsDr Anna P.H. Geurts

Honorary Research Fellow in Dutch

email: a.geurts@sheffield.ac.uk

I am a public historian, combining academic research and teaching at the university with writing for a wider audience. 

I specialise in travel and the 'ordinary' practices of life. Recently, I concluded a research project that investigated the experiences of travellers in Europe in relation to their personal use of space. This led to a doctorate in modern history at the University of Oxford, and a PhD in design history at the University of Twente. Earlier, I took an interdisciplinary degree at the liberal arts and science college of Utrecht University and studied at the University of Exeter before specialising in modern European history at the University of Oxford.


Since settling in Sheffield in 2013, I have continued work on the theme of space in the long nineteenth century, next to that of perceptions of time. I am interested in how individuals perceive and envisage the space around them. I am also fascinated by the ways people organise time in their own lives. At the moment, I am finalising a study on the way northern-Netherlandish travellers of the long 19th century experienced and furnished (or failed to furnish!) the spaces they visited. I am also preparing a project dealing with visions of the European landscape and how, to contemporary minds, they could or should be used.


I teach two undergraduate modules, one on Dutch history and culture (GER 107/8/10), and a Dutch language module (GER232).

For Non-Specialists

I write a regular column for Historian at large, with a new look at old things and historical reflections on current issues. I also contribute to various other literary and popular-historical (web) magazines and newspapers in Dutch and in English.

You can read about my academic work on the websites of Skript (in Dutch), the University of Twente (in Dutch) and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development.

Professional Roles

Higher Education Academy - Associate Fellow

Association for Low Countries Studies - Director

Research Associate National Railway Museum, York