Modules - what topics can I study?

Students at the City Books eventLevel 1

We believe that learning German is about much more than mastering the language. To become truly fluent you also need to understand the cultural experiences of native German speakers. So, the Level 1 core modules will develop your language skills, but you will also get an introduction to the study of the history and culture of modern Germany and Austria.

You are also welcome to take optional modules to deepen your knowledge of German culture. You can look at theatrical responses to Fascism and the Holocaust, explore what makes art and literature ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or develop your language skills through poems, magazine articles and short stories.

Sample modules

  • Deutschland Erlesen
  • German Culture and Ideas from the Enlightenment to the Present Day
  • Dutch for Beginners

Eisenman Holocaust memorialLevel 2

Our Level 2 course builds on aspects of Germanic Studies explored at Level 1. You will further develop your linguistic expertise, as well as broadening and deepening your knowledge of particular areas of German culture. This is when you have a lot of freedom to make your own choices and shape your own degree. You also have the opportunity to start another Germanic language: Dutch or Luxembourgish.

Our range of options lets you find and explore your own areas of interest in Germanic culture, while the seminar approach adopted in most modules means you can work independently and contribute to class discussions.

Options available at this level let you explore culture, history, politics and language in Germany as well as in the Netherlands, Flanders, Luxembourg and Austria.

Sample modules

  • Freud’s Theory in Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Germanic Sisters: History of German and Dutch
  • Österreich heute (Austria today)
  • German Film and Society

Can I see a full list of modules at Level 2?

students graduationLevel 3

Fresh from your year abroad, your core language modules will teach you advanced structures and vocabulary. You will learn how and when to use different registers and gain a sensitivity to culture and context in your use of German.

Your other core language modules will focus on translation work and presentation and debating skills. These will demonstrate that you can use German in a professional context, which will prove invaluable as you move into the graduate world.

You will build on your areas of interest developed at Levels 1 and 2 and on your year abroad. You can explore - among others - fiction, thought and drama, multilingualism in Germanic countries, and how Germany confronts its past while writing a new and vibrant future. You can also continue your study of Dutch or Luxembourgish.

Sample modules

  • Modern German Thought
  • Social Approaches to Multilingualism
  • Twentieth Century Fiction and Drama
  • Dutch Language and Culture for Specialists
  • Cold War Culture