#WeAreInternational Alumni Stories 

Chuandong Huang

East Asia region, China, Screen Translation, Class of 2011

“Sheffield will not let down a learning heart!”Chuandong Huang

In June 2010, I tried to choose a course for my MA in the UK. Among the many MA programmes, Screen Translation at the University of Sheffield aroused my curiosity. I applied for it and was refused. However, I didn’t give up and decided to apply again. After several sleepless nights and the determination to choose the course, I took a coach from Brighton to Sheffield.

Unfortunately, when I got to the University the next day at about 8:30 I found out it was holiday time. Then I saw Caroline Wordley, the Postgraduate Coordinator of Modern Languages Teaching Centre. I explained why I came and my curiosity of the course. She was touched and helped me arrange a time to meet Lena Hamaidia, the programme leader, who was on holiday at the time.

I met Lena. We had a long discussion about the course. With my determination, I got an unconditional offer in the end. Before leaving the university, I saw Caroline waiting for my result outside the teaching building. She was glad to know I was accepted and held my hands warmly.

In September, 2010, I came to the University. With the help of my teachers and my hard work for a year, I obtained the MA in Screen Translation from the University. Six years went by but my gratitude to Caroline Wordley never fades! Her help and kindness made a difference to my life and career.

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