#WeAreInternational Alumni Stories 

Kjell-Peder Midttun

Europe region, Norway, Architecture, Class of 1960

Kjell-Peder MidttunKjell-Peder married Maxima, the only female in their cohort, a year after graduating. Kjell-Peder recalls his fond memories of Sheffield. 

"Two personalities from the then Department of Architecture, Maisy C Crawford, the secretary in the department, was almost a mother figure for all foreign students in the same way as one of the lecturers, John Marshall Jenkins. During our lifelong friendship, he was well looked after by each one of us on his two tours round Norway in 1987 and 2004.

Our university was at the time relatively small as compared with today, some said we were a total of some 5000 heads, but it covered an amazing range of nationalities, faculties and professions, interests and talents. To a fresher from abroad, much was a new experience: Freshers’ week and Rag week with floats in a procession and the Boat race on River Don with amazing creativity and bold efforts. Personally, I found the undulating terrain of Sheffield and its surrounding both attractive and charming in its own way. The Botanical Gardens being my own favourite.

There was a fine and special relationship between foreign students, mainly from the Commonwealth. In my own first year, one third came from overseas: Kenya, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Iraq, Cyprus and Norway. Another roommate, Abdul from Malaysia this time, experienced snow or rather sleet for the first time in Sheffield and in putting pen to paper to his family back home."

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