#WeAreInternational Alumni Stories 

Marica Brozicevich

Australasia region, Australia, Health and Human Sciences, Class of 2006

“I remember the continuous sense of achievement I felt to be there week in week out, dragging my full pram up and down the steps in the library, racing around to hand in papers on days when we didn’t need to pay for the childminder.”Marica Brozicevich

I was a young Mum from Australia looking to finish my degree in Sheffield after I married my lovely husband and had a beautiful baby boy at the Jessop. I was admitted as their first (and in those days) only part-time student. A very unusual phenomenon at the time, and all my lecturers were also really very accommodating to meet and support me when I needed to bring my little boy with me. I was also part of that first generation in my family to even go to university and get a degree, so it meant so much to me.

I very rarely saw other students with children out and about on the campus (Regent Court, Western Bank, Student Union etc), so this made what I was doing even more personal. Sometimes my little boy and I would abandon the pram to jump in and out of the paternoster when it was a quiet time of the week.

Graduation day was a very hot summer day, and the most exciting moment was to discover that not only had I achieved a first, but was awarded the year prize as well. We loved living in Sheffield for those years, the trees, the hills, our quiet little house in Meersbrook. And my degree has set me up for a really interesting and rewarding career working in the safety and quality field here in the Health Department of Western Australia these last ten years. One day, sooner that I think, my son wants to come back to Sheffield as an exchange student from University of Western Australia to do his second year in engineering.
We hope he gets there!”

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