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Latest news relating to the We Are International campaign.

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6 July 2017 Businesses and universities unite in Parliament to champion international students Representatives from businesses, higher education and student organisations joined forces this week to highlight the economic, social and educational contributions that international students make to the UK.
6 April 2017 Comment: What makes a great Sheffielder? President and President and Vice-Chancellor's comments on the impact of the Chinese community to Sheffield
20 March 2017 Comment: Open to the world? President and President and Vice-Chancellor's comments on the importance of internationalism in higher education
14 March 2017 Statement: Lords' vote on international student policy President and President and Vice-Chancellor's comments after the House of Lords voted in favour of taking international students out of the UK's net migration targets
29 January 2017 VC statement on US travel restrictions President and President and Vice-Chancellor's comments on travel restrictions imposed by President Trump in America
29 January 2017 Joint statement from founders of #WeAreInternational Opposing any actions that prevent students from studying based on religion or place of birth
13 January 2017 University speaks in support of international students amid national fall in Indian student numbers Student and staff highlighting the benefits of international students after the national decline in admissions from India


28 November 2016 Businesses say #WeAreInternational and call on Amber Rudd to recognise the local economic benefits of international students Businesses in Sheffield say international students are valuable to the UK’s economy and culture
10 November 2016 President and Vice-Chancellor speaks in Delhi about UK higher education and our efforts to warmly welcome international students President and Vice-Chancellor high-profile event in India
26 October 2016 Comment: We have always been international Dominic Trendall, President of the University of Sheffield’s Student Union comments on Sheffield’ history of welcoming international students during World Week
18 October 2016 Asylum seeker students find sanctuary in Sheffield Scholarships from the University of Sheffield for six asylum seekers
14 October 2016 Comment: Why Britain's universities must be international for the country to thrive President and Vice-Chancellor comments on the importance of international students for the future of the country
29 September 2016 UK universities launch #WeAreInternational campaign drive to support international scholarship
6 July 2016 Sheffield is a global university teaching global languages The University of Sheffield is a community that welcomes international scholars and students
4 July 2016 Sheffield welcomes international students Sheffield’s universities, college, MPs and city leaders have united to send out a strong message that Sheffield is a global city which warmly welcomes students from all over the world
30 June 2016 University of Sheffield hosts international student conference Conference after the EU referendum result
24 June 2016 University response to the outcome of the EU referendum
20 June 2016 University of Sheffield goes extra mile to support refugee students and academics Staff and students from the University of Sheffield have stepped across the finish line after walking across the country to raise vital funds for students and academics seeking refuge in the UK
20 June 2016 Refugee Week: The importance of a welcome Looking back at the University’s long standing commitment to welcoming refugees and their contribution to our global community
27 May 2016 University's worldwide family celebrate Charter Day Sheffield alumni and friends from around the world are coming together this month to mark the University of Sheffield's first-ever Charter Day, celebrating the founding of the University by Royal Charter in 1905
26 May 2016 University of Sheffield students and staff stand up to show support for refugees Staff and students from the University of Sheffield are going the extra mile to show their solidarity and support for the millions of refugees who have been forced to leave their homes
8 April 2016 EU students vital to regional economies and jobs EU students at UK universities generate £3.7bn for the UK economy and support over 34,000 jobs in all corners of the country, according to analysis from Universities UK
15 January 2016 Comment: Why we need to stop talking about ‘foreign’ students Paul James Cardwell, Reader in EU External Relations Law at the University of Sheffield, calls for international students not to be named 'foreign'


2 December 2015 Comment: Response to spending review commitment to increase international student numbers President and Vice-Chancellor comments on the government commitment outlined in the spending review to encourage students from outside of the EU
28 September 2015 Comment: Why I'm proud to be a 'bad migrant" Abdi-Aziz Suleiman, former Sheffield Students' Union President, who was also a refugee from Somalia, writes about why he is proud to be a 'bad migrant'
2 September 2015 Comment: I am an immigrant American Professor Jennifer Saul, from the University of Sheffield's Department of Philosophy, comments on the current refugee crisis
17 July 2015 Comment: Why are international students so important to our universities? Professor Sir Keith Burnett, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, responds to Home Secretary Theresa May's letter about university funding
10 July 2015 Comment: International students bring talent to the UK Professor Sir Keith Burnett, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, responds to Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Savid Javid's comments on international students
24 June 2015 Comment: Why 'illegal' migrants aren’t violating state sovereignty Clara Sandelind, a Teaching Assistant at the University of Sheffield, comments on perceptions of migrants and state sovereignty -
2 June 2015 Comment: Going global Vivienne Stern is the Director of the UK Higher Education International Unit, which represents the UK higher education sector internationally


1 December 2014 Comment: EU migrants come for the benefits? The figures tell a different story Catherine Harris, Research Fellow in EU Migration and Ethnic Entrepreneurship at the University of Sheffield, discusses why plans to ban EU immigrants from receiving state benefits for at least four years is ineffective
28 November 2014 University honoured for inspiring students from all backgrounds across the globe to achieve their academic dreams The University of Sheffield has been honoured at the Times Higher Education (THE) Awards 2014 for providing exceptional support for international students, early career researchers and students from all backgrounds after scooping a trio of titles
10 April 2010 Groundbreaking #WeAreInternational campaign attracts 100th supporter A ground breaking campaign led by the University of Sheffield to highlight the crucial value of international students to the UK has now been backed by 100 universities, education institutions and international organisations
19 February 2014 Stand by me: Students launch international selfie campaign
11 February 2014 Why international students are vital to the UK As the UK debates the contribution and costs of immigration, the University of Sheffield and its Students’ Union are speaking up for the powerful contribution of overseas students to the UK, to British universities and to the educational experience of home students


4 December 2013 Joint statement from the University of Sheffield and its Students’ Union on the Immigration Bill Openness to talented young people from around the world is at the heart of the UK’s world-leading universities. It is a powerful source of international collaboration and understanding as generations of leaders in every sphere of life have been given the opportunity to learn from and alongside the most able people from every continent.
15 November 2013 Groundbreaking film encourages talented Indian students to study in the UK Over 70 years after International Students' Day was first marked in London by the International Students Council, UK universities are today (Monday 18 November 2013) launching a new film aimed at helping the most talented Indian students better understand the process of applying to the UK’s world-leading universities
6 June 2013 University of Sheffield report sparks parliamentary debate on the importance of international students to the UK The House of Commons will today (6 June 2013) debate the value of international students to the UK, urging the government to remove international students from immigration targets, just weeks after a University of Sheffield report demonstrated their importance to the economy