Hispanic Studies Staff

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Staff research interests list

Academic and Teaching Staff

Name e-mail  Position Held
Dr. Julia Banwell j.banwell@sheffield.ac.uk  Lecturer in Hispanic Studies; Director of MA Studies
Nashy Bonelli n.bonelli@sheffield.ac.uk Spanish Language Teacher
Sonia Buckland sonia.buckland@sheffield.ac.uk Portuguese Language Teacher
Dr Rhian Davies rhian.davies@sheffield.ac.uk Senior Lecturer
Dr Louise Johnson p.l.johnson@sheffield.ac.uk Reader in Catalan and Spanish; Director of Catalan Studies; Faculty Lead for Postgraduate Affairs
Diana Mesa Torres d.mesa-torres@sheffield.ac.uk Spanish Language Teacher
Dr Paul O'Neill paul.oneill@sheffield.ac.uk Lecturer in Hispanic Linguistics; Year Abroad Tutor; L3 Language Coordinator; website manager, Outreach officer.
María José Puig m.j.puig@sheffield.ac.uk Senior Spanish Language Teacher
Dr Hayley Rabanal h.rabanal@sheffield.ac.uk Lecturer in Hispanic Studies; Level 1 coordinator, Graduate Tutor.
Dr Carmen Ramos Villar c.ramosvillar@sheffield.ac.uk Senior Lecturer; Head of Portuguese & Head of Hispanic Section
Dr Lauren Rea l.rea@sheffield.ac.uk Senior Lecturer; AHRC Leadership Fellow 2016-19
Nin Sauleda Brossa n.sauledabrossa@sheffield.ac.uk Catalan Instructor
Dr Paddy Scott p.scott@sheffield.ac.uk Portuguese Language Teacher
Professor Philip Swanson p.swanson@sheffield.ac.uk Hughes Professor of Spanish. Director of Research and Innovation for the School of Languages and Cultures.
Professor David Wood david.wood@sheffield.ac.uk Professor of Latin American Studies.
Dr Peter Watt p.watt@sheffield.ac.uk Lecturer; Year Abroad Tutor.
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Associated Staff

Dr R.K. Britton Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Dr J. P. England j.p.england@sheffield.ac.uk

Retired Senior Lecturer

Dr Tony Trippett a.m.trippett@sheffield.ac.uk Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Toni Ibarz a.ibarz@sheffield.ac.uk Division of Adult and Continuing Education
Professor Geoffrey Ribbans Honorary Professor
Emeritus Professor Nicholas Round n.g.round@sheffield.ac.uk
Dr Robin Warner i.r.warner@sheffield.ac.uk Honorary Research Fellow
Emeritus Professor Alan Yates Emeritus Professor of Catalan Studies
Dr Paul Jordan p.r.jordan@sheffield.ac.uk
Professor Philip Deacon p.deacon@sheffield.ac.uk Emeritus Professor
Dr Rhiannon McGlade rhiannonmcglade@gmail.com Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Pascale Baker pascale.baker@sheffield.ac.uk Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Anna Vives a.vives@sheffield.ac.uk Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Ángela Lavilla Cañedo a.lavilla-canedo@sheffield.ac.uk Teaching Associate in Hispanic Studies
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Postgraduate Research Students

Name Email Thesis Title
Ruth Littlewood rlittlewood1@sheffield.ac.uk 'Life Writing by Female Political Prisoners During the Spanish Civil War and Early Franquismo'
Andrew Frank Bradley afbradley1@sheffield.ac.uk
Deborah Madden d.madden@sheffield.ac.uk Writing Republics: Women’s Writing in Early Twentieth-Century Spain and Portugal
Valentina Caruso vcaruso2@sheffield.ac.uk 'Revisiting and rethinking the novel of The Land: Mining and Latin American Fiction'
Pete Watson pjwatson1@sheffield.ac.uk
Rupert Knox rsknox1@sheffield.ac.uk
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