Dr Louise Johnson

Director of Catalan Studies

ext.: 20559

Reader in Catalan and Spanish

Louise Johnson was an undergraduate and postgraduate at St John's College, University of Oxford, and College Lecturer at Keble College, before joining the Department of Hispanic Studies at Sheffield in January 1996.

Louise is Director of Catalan Studies within the Department, and teaches Catalan and Spanish language, literature, culture, and Translation Studies at undergraduate level, and contributes to taught postgraduate modules, as well as supervising research students in the area of Catalan, Iberian and Gender Studies.

Louise ́s research interests centre on modern Catalan and peninsular Spanish literature and culture (in particular physical culture, narrative fiction, and gender and sexuality). Her current research follows two main strands: the intellectuals / physical culture interface in late 1920s ́ and 1930s ́ Catalonia and Spain more generally, and modern Catalan narrative fiction.

She has published on major twentieth-century Catalan writers including Llorenç Villalonga, Manuel de Pedrolo, Maria Aurèlia Capmany and Guillem Viladot; edited collections of articles on twentieth-century Catalan culture, and on humour in Spain, and contributed widely to volumes across Catalan and comparative literatures and cultures, latterly with a focus on physical cultures and related discourses. Her monograph on Villalonga, La tafanera posteritat, was awarded the first Premi Llorenç Villalonga in 2001.

Louise is interested in supervising research which relates to or expands on the above areas, and welcomes speculative enquiries.


Selected recent publications:

  • Humor in Spain, Part 2: Guest Editor with Stuart Green of Special Number, Romance Quarterly, 63:2 (2016)
  • ‘“Obra de arte yo too”: Eduardo Mendicutti on Soccer, Glamour and the “Beckham effect”’, Romance Quarterly, 63:2 (2016), 73-82
  • ‘Competing Discourses of Olympism: Barcelona’92 as a Conflicted Memory Site’, in Funcions del passat en la cultura catalana contemporània: Institucionalització, representacions i identitat, ed. by ​​​​Josep-Anton Fernàndez and Jaume Subirana (Lleida: Punctum, 2015), 61-85
  • Humor in Spain, Part 1: Guest Editor with Stuart Green of Special Number, Romance Quarterly, 62:4 (2015)
  • ‘Future Age and Children: A Compensatory “Trope of Vulnerability” in Llorenç Villalonga’s Fiction?’, in As Time Goes By: Portraits of Age, ed. by Joy Charnley and Caroline Verdier (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013), pp.211-228
  • ‘Industries of False Memoirs: Representing Salvador Orlan’, Digithum (online), 15 (2013), pp.18-25. In English and Catalan
  • ‘The Lyrical Taboos of Guillem Viladot’, in Barcelona: Visual Culture, Space and Power, ed. by Helena Buffery and Carlota Caulfield (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2012), pp.58-80
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