Diagnosis and assessment

As perceived and understood by autistic people

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Harriet Cameron (School of Education, TUOS) and Luke Beardon (Autism Centre, Sheffield Hallam University) and a team of autistic co-researchers are on their way to completing a piece of British Academy/ Leverhulme funded research exploring experiences of (diagnostic) autism assessment and the meaning of autism for autistic people. Last night we had the chance to share our work with Aim Higher: https://aimhigher-online.weebly.com/  , a charity based in Hull which works with autistic people and their families to help them manage educational barriers. It was an absolute privilege to be part of the discussion and to listen to autistic young people, parents and health and social care professionals talk about their work, study and hopes for the future. We hope this will be one of many opportunities to share our work. By Spring 2023 we will have a short animation summarising the key themes of the project, which we are very excited to share here as soon as it is ready!

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