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Dr Lauren White (iHuman and School of Education) and Harry Gordon (school partner, Greenacre School) showcased our project, 'Reimagining Trustworthy Autonomous Systems with Disabled Young People' at the Sheffield Robotics Network. Our presentation was centred on showcasing the importance of co-production methods to those in the Sheffield Robotics Community. In our presentation, we talked through all of our co-produced findings and research activities and highlighted how our student co-researchers have become makers of technology through working with maker{futures} and methods of co-production. We presented alongside fellow projects in the TAS Hub Network (Dr Dave Cameron on his project 'Imagining Robotic Care' and Prof Sanja Dogramadzi on her project 'TAS Node in Resilience Project') and the presentations were followed by networking activities.

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How we understand being ‘human’ differs between disciplines and has changed radically over time. We are living in an age marked by rapid growth in knowledge about the human body and brain, and new technologies with the potential to change them.

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