An update from the TAS and DYP team

The TAS and DYP have been out and about since the summer

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TAS RRI event (London), October 2022

Dr Lauren White (iHuman and School of Education) attended the TAS Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Event, held in London in October 2022. The goal of the event was for the wider TAS community to learn more about TAS hub pump priming projects, with a dedicated RRI focused workshop. Lauren presented a project update on 'Reimagining Trustworthy Autonomous Systems with Disabled Young People', where equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and RRI are embedded and drive our research agenda. In our presentation, we detailed our methods of co-production with disabled young people in shaping and reimagining understandings of TAS. We documented our achievements to date and our aspirations for the future with outputs designed with EDI and RRI in mind.  

TAS Health and Social Care Conference (University of York), June 2022

Dr Lauren White (iHuman and School of Education) and Harry Gordon (school partner, Greenacre School) attended the TAS hub Health and Social Care event. This event was organised by the UKRI TAS Node in Resilience on behalf of the UKRI TAS Programme, the UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems in Health and Social Care Workshop brought together health and social care practitioners, researchers, developers, operators, end users, policy makers and regulators, to discuss challenges and solutions for the trustworthy adoption of autonomous systems in health and social care. Together, they presented our project 'Reimagining Trustworthy Autonomous Systems with Disabled Young People'. In our presentation, we outlined plans for our project workshops where we have sought to tackle questions of equality, diversity and inclusion as they relate to TAS, together. We detailed our aspirations for the project and beyond, and what we believe to be our contributions to understanding TAS in health and social care contexts. 

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