Disability studies at The University of Sheffield

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Disability Studies has a long history at the University of Sheffield. The work of key disability scholars such as Len Barton, Tim Booth, Wendy Booth, Kathy Boxall, Richard Jenkins, Derrick Armstrong, Paul Ramcharan, Gordon Grant and Felicity Armstrong have contributed substantively to the theorisation of disability and encouraged researchers to challenge disabling conditions of everyday life. Indeed the international journal Disability and Society was set up by Len Barton, Michele Moore and many others at the University of Sheffield.

This foundational work led to the setting up of DisabilityUOS and some of the activities of this group can be found here: https://disabilityuos.wordpress.com/. Researchers from across the social sciences, humanities, arts and medicine are engaged with the politics and phenomenon of disability with direct links to many organisations of disabled people.

We are delighted, at iHuman, to recognise that many people involved in DisabilityUOS are core and affiliate members of iHuman.

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