The following seminars were hosted by members of the iHuman research institute and were made available online for public consumption. 

Follow the session links to watch the seminars below. 


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Sabine Little

Lost Wor(l)ds - encouraging schools to support learners’ linguistic identities


Anna Weighall 

The role of sleep in children's cognitive development and well-being


Maria Tomlinson

Menstrual Activism and the Media: Reducing Stigma and Tackling Period Poverty

9 November 2020

Dan Goodley

Thinking with disability in a Post-Trump era 

Which remnants of Trumpism still exist in the world and 'who’s allowed to be human?' 


25 November 2020

Ros Williams

'It’s harder for the likes of us': Minority ethnicity stem cell donation as ethico-ethnic imperative

Paul Martin

New ways of making medicines? Lessons from the pandemic

Sarah Gibson

Patient group involvement in the development of new drugs for rare diseases

7 December 2020 


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