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Jonathan Toogood
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I am supplementing the study of disability and learning difficulty from the interactionist's perspective with the notion of sensibility from literature studies in order to foreground the aspects of disability that I feel the most passionate about. As well as these academic studies I have spent a number of years in community projects and organisations relating to disability, particularly the provision of disability equality learning. There are two dimensions to my present work. The first being the writing of my autobiography which will narrate my journey through education, alongside the search for a range of voices including the one articulating how good life as a person who is disabled can be! This message should be at the heart of any disability equality learning provision. Disability equality learning provision brings me to the  second dimension of my current work. I am a performer and member of a theatre group that improvises vignettes and plays  based on the real experiences of people who are disabled and people with learning difficulties and or autism.