Dr Tsitsi Chataika

Faculty of Social Sciences

Senior Lecturer in disability and inclusive education


Tsitsi is a Senior Lecturer in disability and inclusive education in the Department of Educational Foundations, University of Zimbabwe. Her research interests allow her to understand how disability intersects with rights, policy, education, gender, religion, childhood studies, poverty, development and postcolonial theory. She is a proponent of inclusive development, universal design and universal design learning. She is involved in several high-level national and regional (Africa) inclusive education dialogues with implications for policy and practice. She has authored several journal articles, research reports, book chapters and policy briefs from an African perspective. Tsitsi has evaluated several inclusive education initiatives, with the view of establishing their impact in the provision of quality and equitable education. She recently completed a World Bank commissioned scoping study on the situational analysis of albinism in Zimbabwe.

Contact Tsitsi on tsitsi.chataika@gmail.com / tchataika@education.uz.ac.zw   

Key Publications

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