Xi Liu

Faculty of Social Sciences



Xi Liu (Centre for Critical Psychology and Education) has passed his PhD viva, his thesis entitled ‘Exploring the Value of Culturally Adapted Therapeutic Stories as a Tool for Intervention in Chinese Primary Schools’ (2017) supervised by Dr. Tony Williams.  He had previously completed his Master’s degree in Psychology and Education with The University of Sheffield (2013) before becoming a researcher and also a Graduate Teaching Assistant.  He has continued to work as a part-time tutor at Sheffield Confucius Institute and Lifelong Learning, Skills & Communities in Sheffield City Council, teaching Taichi and Chinese calligraphy with a particular focus on promoting mental health wellbeing. Before coming to England, Xi was a certificated psychological counsellor in China and worked as a psychological teacher in a local primary school. Since 2011, Xi has written short stories for several Chinese children and teenager magazines and his first children’s book has been published in 2016 (勇敢者游戏, 青岛出版社出版; Games for the Brave, published by Qingdao Press).