Field sites

INSPIRATION uses a diverse range of field sites available across the partnership to host the projects undertaken by the research fellows.


Each site has an established monitoring infrastructure and history of prior research completed by the project partners to support the research training undertaken by the Fellows within INSPIRATION.

These sites provide the technical and practical foundation for the training completed by the Fellows within the project, by supporting the following activities:

  • Hosting fundamental and applied research completed within each Fellowship and across research teams in different work packages.
  • Providing access to environmental samples for related laboratory process and modelling studies.
  • Creating a platform for field-scale demonstration of in situ measurement methods, performance monitoring techniques, pollutant mitigation technologies and management concepts.
  • Scientific and technical training of Fellows in environmental sampling and monitoring methods, including the application of innovative measurement and investigation techniques used and developed within the project, through individual projects and the programme of workshops and summer schools provided by the partnership.
  • Experiential training of Fellows in business, commercial and technical aspects of managing soil and water impacts from agriculture for sustainable production, through the programme of secondments and work placements provided within the partnership.

These field sites are also available to host collaborative research with other organisations and researchers outside the network.