Aims and objectives

As a Marie Curie Innovative Training Network, INSPIRATION will provide advanced training to early-stage researchers (ESRs) in scientific, technical, practical and management skills related to the research of sustainable intensification of agriculture.


Our goal is to ensure food safety for population growth while minimising future impacts on soil and groundwater.

The specific objectives of INSPIRATION are to:

  • Train a group of highly qualified professionals in state-of-the-art approaches managing soil and groundwater impacts from agriculture for sustainable intensification.
  • Develop "smart" monitoring techniques and new multi-suite stable isotope methods needed to investigate and quantitatively assess soil and water quality impacts from agricultural practices for sustainable intensification.
  • Using the above methods, determine C, N and organic pollutant flux dynamics between atmosphere-soil-water systems at farm and catchment-scale to devise measures supporting the sustainable intensification of agriculture.
  • Develop sustainable low-technology management practices and pollution mitigation concepts at laboratory- scale through to on-farm-scale application, supported by process understanding for design and implementation.
  • Develop biosensor biotechnology to design organic amendments to restore degraded soil for agricultural use.
  • Develop new quantitative approaches and modelling tools for the performance assessment and engineering design of sustainable management processes, practices and technology concepts at farm and catchment-scale.
  • Develop a decision-making framework and assessment tools that integrate agricultural intensification within the sustainable development of soil and water resources, across different scales and considering relevant actors.