12 November 2020

WUN project: Sustainable Care - Connecting people and systems

How can we make 21st century systems of care sustainable? and how can citizens be empowered to have more control over how care resources are accessed and care costs distributed?

Sustainable care demonstrated within a care home

This research project's aim is to analyse and compare various developments surrounding sustainable care in a world of increasing population mobility and ageing and rising social inequalities.

Sue is Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociological Studies and Director of CIRCLE, the Centre for International Research on Care Labour and Equalities, a Faculty of Social Sciences research centre at The University of Sheffield. She is the academic lead for this project, which also involves over 15 international universities.

For more information, visit the WUN Research Project page.

WUN success: In 2017, the network was awarded an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Large Grant funding valued at £2.5 million, to which UK and international partners are contributing additional resources, will examine experience in the UK’s four national systems of social care.

REF 2021 illustration

Research Excellence Framework 2021 results

The results demonstrate our research and impact excellence across a broad range of disciplines and confirm that our research is having a significant positive impact on lives across the globe.