Jorge Tiago Martins

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Name: Jorge Tiago Martins
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Telephone number: +44 114 222 2636


Tell us a little about yourself.

I joined the Information School as a Doctoral student in 2008, after being awarded a grant by the Portuguese National Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). I took up the post as Lecturer in Organisational Informatics in September 2012. Both my research and teaching emphasise the role of organisational behaviour and theory in understanding technology enabled processes of innovation and organisational change.

What got you interested in this subject?

One of the theoretical contributions emerging from my PhD research was the proposition that users’ trust in information systems is an essential component in the interactive relationship between users and systems. But this process of trust formation (or erosion) does not happen in abstract terms, it is connected to organisational contexts. This directed my attention towards organisational learning processes and in particular to the complexity of managing the conjunction of networks of individuals and groups with a view to achieving innovation and strategic renewal.

What have you enjoyed about it?

The most enjoyable outcome was finding a focused research interest. The issue of innovation has never been so important, as technologies evolve at an unprecedented speed and organisations face global competition. Understanding the entrepreneurial, innovation, digital and knowledge processes – in collaboration with organisations – is my main interest.

What have you found most challenging?

What I found challenging and what I still find challenging is understanding how innovation happens and the impact those processes have in terms of organisational dynamics, but also in terms of wider societal impact, for example regional or national development.

What is your top tip for a future KIM student?

Being curious and inquisitive, and adopt an ecosystem view to address key KIM issues. This can be studying how knowledge is created, exchanged and combined in different organisations to develop products and services, or studying the nature of innovation to inform entrepreneurial practice.

Further information

More information about my teaching activities and publications can be found here.