Research Group Members

Academic Staff

Ana Vasconcelos Dr Ana Cristina Vasconcelos
Head of Group
Tel: 0114 2222643
Room 309
I research the interface between the management of information and knowledge and the implementation and adaptation of information systems. I am particularly interested in: collaborative work practices; knowledge sharing and boundary spanning practices; absorptive capacity and knowledge integration; communities of practice, virtual communities and identity.

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Jonathan Foster Dr Jonathan Foster
Tel: 0114 2222665
Room 310
My principal research and teaching interests are in information governance, digital economy, and institutional and classroom perspectives on the implementation of information and communications technology in educational settings. I have higher degrees in Information Systems and in Education (M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning from the University of Sheffield), and received a PhD in Information Studies (Social Sciences) from the University of Sheffield. I have been PI for an externally-funded AHRC project investigating the implementation and evaluation of digital archives; and has led a number of learning and teaching development projects including Computer-Based Collaborative Learning (funded by TLTP) and Managing Innovation in the Digital Economy (funded by University of Sheffield). I am currently PI for a University of Sheffield Digital Transformations Research project on Collective Intelligence (2013-14); and a strand of this project is investigating shared understandings of the impact of technology on privacy, and organizations’ handling of personally-identifiable information.
Lin Dr Angela Lin
Tel: 0114 2222634
Room 221
My principal research interests are in the areas of information systems management, digital transformation, e-commerce, and the business applications of the Internet of Things. I am particularly interested in: Information systems adoption and post-adoption management, digitial transformation management, sustainable information systems strategy, platform business strategy, smart supply chain management, and disrruptive business models in the digital economy.
Jorge Martins Dr Jorge Martins
Tel: 0114 2222667
Room 304
My research lies at the intersection of information systems, management and organisational theory. My focal concern is the linkage between innovation, technology and networking to the practices of managing knowledge and information, and to the processes of organising (e.g. virtual organisations, collaborative working, temporary organisations, regional innovation systems, etc).

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Sophie Rutter

Dr Sophie Rutter
Tel: 0114 2222659
Room 234

I am particularly interested in how the environment influences the way people interact with information, what techniques people use to search for information, and how information use can be evaluated in different environments. My research so far has been broadly focused on school children, search interfaces and health communication.

PhD Researchers

woman Bedour Alboloushi
I am investigating the development of administrative innovation in relation to post-adoption usage of HRIS in the context of public sector organizations in Kuwait.
woman Hooria Ali Hafedh I am researching the banking sector in Bahrain.
woman Meichengzi Du I am forumalating a framework to support smart city change management.
man Bekim Kasumi
I am researching the flow of knowledge across formal and informal networks of subsidiary companies and its impact on innovation in multinational companies.
woman Muntaha Nafisa I am evaluating the quality of the existing EHR Systems of Govt. Healthcare facilities of Bangladesh.
man Naveendra Weerakoon I am researching service innovation in knowledge intensive business services.
woman Laura Ofulue I am researching Understanding Motivation and its Impacts on Governance within Crowdsourcing Platforms
man Yuzhen Zhu Understanding the Role of Information and Communication Technology in the Shaping of Interorganizational Knowledge Exchange Practice: Proposing an ICT-based Generic Knowledge Management Framework for the European Living Lab Ecosystem

Visiting Scholars

man Dr Igor Bernik Head of the Information Security Lab, Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security - University of Maribor
woman Dr Elsa Fontainha ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics and Management, Universidade de Lisboa

Past students/alumni

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Fenio Annansingh
Inaam Idrees
Ana Guedes Rosa
Alice Schofield
Alex Schauer
Somsak Sriborisutakul