Ana Guedes Rosa

Personal details

Name: Ana Rosa
Email address:
Location: Room 323, Regent Court


Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal, where I also did most of my education. I lived near the beach and a busy city most of my life, but much preferred the countryside and truly loved snow. When, in 2005, an opportunity to work and study in the UK came up, I took it right up. That brought me to Sheffield that I loved from the very first moment. I really like the "small village" feeling of Sheffield, the cold weather and the opportunity to practice some outdoors sports like climbing, running and serious peak walking ;D But I have also been seduced by the working paradigms and structures of Great Britain, which support whoever wish to make a worthwhile contribution. Therefore, I have, since then, been accepting the challenge of working in the UK. Recently I took on a doctoral course where I can use my professional expertise and combine it with applied research skills. This is a new professional challenge that offers opportunity to provide a meaningful contribution to the academic domain and, hopefully, to public sector practioners´ alike.

What got you interested in this subject?

My PhD research has evolved from my MSc dissertation on eGovernment and Organisational Interoperability.

What have you enjoyed about it?

So far, I have welcomed the opportunity to meet new students and academic staff and understand the research environment that my particular project will fit in.

What have you found most challenging?

Slowing down the pace. In my previous jobs, even during the MSc course, I always worked as if the clock ticked very fast prompting me to deliver results every day. The PhD requires a different attitude: it is more like a marathon than a sprint. The key is on performance, so I have been learning to adapt my priorities and work methods.

What is your top tip for a future KIM student?

Enjoy the rhythm of PhD study and at the same time take it as a professional stepping-stone. You will get all the benefits of building a solid career while also developing your potential, at your own pace.


Research interests

eGovernment and Knowledge Management; Qualitative Methods; Intercultural and Organisational Studies.

Project title

An investigation into knowledge creation, sharing and integration practices across organisational boundaries in eGovernment initiatives: a case study approach in the United Kingdom.

Project supervisor

Dr. Ana Vasconcelos

Project description


The project aims to describe to the knowledge sharing efforts across organisational boundaries, in the innovation context of eGovernment systems development.

Positioning of research

eGovernment is under pressure from civil society to increase its effectiveness and quality. The risk brought by failing expectations is to loose user take-up. The UK is a pioneering country in eGovernment but interestingly, in a recent eGovernment benchmark exercise from the European Commission, placed only seventh in terms of the availability and sophistication of its electronic services and the user take-up did not reach the 50% mark, which is a lower result than the 2007 average of 53%. The literature argues that these results are due to organisational challenges that prevent office interoperability and, consequentially, integration of electronic public services. Previous research proposes that the answer for success lies in knowledge sharing across different organisational service boundaries. However, work on the description and conceptualization of such practices is still in the domain of the private sector.

Research design

This project proposes a qualitative case study research, collecting evidence empirically from participating UK municipalities. A comparative case study framework and discourse analysis will inform all data analysis.

Project keywords

Knowledge management; local eGovernment; organisational boundaries; comparative case study; discourse analysis.



BA in Applied Linguistics, University of Lisbon, Portugal (2005);
MSc in Information Management, University of Sheffield, UK (2010).


I started my professional path in the Education field, working, in Portugal, as a research assistant at the Ministry of Education and as a Modern Languages teacher, at Key Stage 4 and Adult levels. In 2005, I came to the UK to further my language and cultural skills and, after obtaining my CPE, I took on the challenge of working in the UK. I started in an administrative role, at the University of Sheffield, until 2007. I then proceeded to a management position at a translation company in Leeds. Here, I moved away from the Education field onto the Government field. I acquired extensive project management skills as well as specialised knowledge of Public Sector Administration. To support my work as senior project manager, I enrolled in the MSc in Information Management, in 2009/2010, at the Information School, in Sheffield. This "back to school" decision has ultimately changed my professional path towards the Academic research field, which I will be supporting with the development of a doctoral course in Knowledge Management and eGovernment.

Achievements and awards

  • Awarded University of Sheffield Departmental Studentship 2011-2014
  • Awarded IADIS Prize for the best dissertation in the field of e-society 2010
  • Awarded AHRC professional master studentship 2009-2010
  • Appointed Secretary of the Faculty Library Council 2004-2005
  • Awarded 3rd place for Most Innovative Pedagogic Contribution for the National Curricula 2003


Rosa, A. & Vasconcelos, A.C. (in preparation). "A study of local E-Government from the back-office perspective: A discourse analysis of Organisational Interoperability".

Figueiredo, C. & Rosa, A. (2003). "A Arte da Reconquista: Subsidios para um percurso do Multicultural ao Intercultural". In: Universidade de Lisboa (ed.), 1as Jornadas de Língua e Cultura Portuguesa, Lisboa. Departamento de Língua e Cultura Portuguesa, Lisboa.