From Marketplace to Marketspace

The aims of this project were (a) To raise awareness among market traders of the business opportunities offered by ecommerce, and (b) To enable market traders to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to trade online. In order to demonstrate the business potential of ecommerce, UG students studying on the department’s Information Management in the Digital Economy module worked alongside market traders; interviewing traders, understanding their business context, defining a marketspace opportunity, trialling the use of various Internet business tools and developing an online presence that would help traders to market their business online and to enlarge their current customer base. The main benefit of the project to market traders was to raise their awareness of the business potential of the Internet. The main benefit accruing to the university is the project’s contribution to undergraduate learning in the areas of information management and e-business. The project also enabled students to see the relevance and timeliness of one of the department’s undergraduate modules and the content of its curriculum to current trends in the marketplace. The project has highlighted a continuing divide in the digital economy between those businesses that have the capability and know-how to exploit the Internet for enterprise and those who do not.

Duration: 2010-2011

Sponsor: Knowledge Transfer, University of Sheffield

KIM participant: Angela Lin and Jonathan Foster