Work packages

Details about the five 3D small cell networks work packages.


WP1: Indoor 3D MIMO channel modelling

Leader: UT

The goals of WP1 are to characterise and model the radio propagation channel in indoor 3D MIMO scenarios.


  • Characterising mechanisms of elevation sub-path generation and incorporating them into ray launching based simulation.
  • Establishing an indoor 3D Spatial Channel Model Extended (SCME) model based on 3D ray launching channel simulations.
  • Developing a 3D MIMO channel sounder and performing indoor channel measurements to verify the indoor 3D SCME.

WP2: Over-the-Air (OTA) aided 3D MIMO array antenna optimisation for indoor small cells


WP2 aims to characterise and optimise the performance of 3D MIMO array antennas for indoor small-cell Aps.


  • Over-The-Air (OTA) aided optimisation of array antennas for 3D spatial multiplexing (SMX) and 3D beamforming.
  • OTA characterisation of array antennas in rich isotropic multi-path (RIMP) and random-line-of-sight (RLOS) environments.
  • Testing if array antennas designed to work well in RIMP and RLOS environments will work well in any other environment.

WP3: Network planning and optimisation of indoor 3D MIMO small cells

Leader: USFD

The goals of WP3 are to develop network planning and optimisation techniques for indoor 3D MIMO small cells.


  • Modelling 3D in-building environments and developing a system-level simulation platform for indoor 3D MIMO small cells.
  • Obtaining a fundamental understanding of the network performance gains (including overall spectral efficiency and cell-edge UE throughput) achievable by indoor 3D MIMO small cells, with 3D beamforming or 3D SMX, with or without coordination.
  • Jointly optimising the 3D MIMO configurations (for 3D beamforming or 3D SMX, with or without coordination) and access point (AP) deployment locations for small cells in typical 3D indoor environments.
  • Providing 3D MIMO small-cell network planning and deployment guidelines for typical 3D indoor scenarios.

WP4: Implement dissemination, exploitation and public engagement activities

Leader: RPN


  • To identify instruments and strategies for effective result exploitation.
  • To plan, monitor and follow‐up dissemination activities.
  • To plan and arrange outreach efforts.

WP5: Project management

Leader: USFD


  • To deal with the overall project management and coordination.
  • To guarantee timely execution of the secondments of ESRs and R&D tasks.
  • To plan and arrange outreach efforts.

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