International Journalism Week 2018

Our seventh annual International Journalism Week took place from 5 to 9 November 2018, with another fascinating programme of discussion about media research and practice from a global perspective, focusing on the threats faced by journalists worldwide.



International Journalism Week 2018 ran from Monday 5 to Friday 9 November and the events and speakers were as follows:

  • Opening talk: Professor Helle Sjøvaag, University of Stavanger and Dr Emma Heywood, University of Sheffield

  • The Persecution of the Media Under the Guise of 'Fake News': Rodney Sieh, founder and editor, FrontPageAfrica

  • Keeping Journalists Safe in a Dangerous World: a BBC Perspective: Sally Fitton, BBC High Risk

  • Make Space: Protecting Journalists at Risk and in Exile: Sarah Clarke, PEN International

  • Group competition: case study workshops

  • Investigative Journalism: Why it Matters: Anne Koch, Global Investigative Journalism Network

  • Film screening: Daphne

  • Diminishment and Resistance: The Civil Power of Journalism: Prof Jackie Harrison, University of Sheffield

  • Assault on press freedom - it's getting worse. Why attacks on journalists spell danger for the rule of law and democracy: CFOM expert panel with Albana Shala, chair of the IPDC Council of UNESCO (which has spearheaded the agency's agenda of work to protect journalists' safety), Paul Caruana Galizia, youngest of assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia's three sons, advocate and campaigner, and William Horsley (moderator), co-founder and international director of CFOM and former BBC foreign correspondent

  • Group competition: presentation of student talks

  • The Role of News Media in the UK's Divisive Brexit Politics: Not the Finest Hour for British Journalism: Nicholas Jones, author and journalist

  • Reporting on Human Trafficking: Untangling the Myths and Realities of Modern-Day Slavery: Kieran Guilbert, deputy editor, Thomson Reuters Foundation


Presenters at International Journalism Week 2018 included:

  • BBC High Risk team

  • Sarah Clarke, International policy and advocacy manager, PEN International

  • Paul Caruana Galizia, Advocate and campaigner

  • Kieran Guilbert, Deputy editor, Thomson Reuters Foundation

  • Prof Jackie Harrison, UNESCO Chair on Media Freedom, Journalism Safety and the Issue of Impunity

  • William Horsley, International director, Centre for Freedom of the Media

  • Nicholas Jones, Author and journalist

  • Anne Koch, Programme director, Global Investigative Journalism Network

  • Rodney D Sieh, Founder and editor, FrontPageAfrica

  • Albana Shala, Chair, UNESCO International Programme for Development of Communication Council

  • Helle Sjøvaag, Professor of journalism, University of Stavanger

Student competitions

We ran two amazing student competitions for International Journalism Week 2018: an individual and a group contest. Prizes included special visits to top UK media organisations, for an inside perspective on how the news is made.

Individual competition winners

Our individual contest invited students to reflect on the preparation needed for journalists to enter high-risk environments.

Congratulations to the three brilliant winners of our competition for individual students, who won visits to three leading UK media organisations:

  • Kate Proctor (Press Association)

  • Ella Craig (The Guardian)

  • Catherine Lewis (BBC Radio 5Live)

Group Student Challenge

The group challenged asked students to form a working group, focus on a case study, discover what high-risk reporting is like around the world, and learn about the organisations campaigning for the protection of journalists and journalism.

Congratulations to the three superb winning teams in our Group Student Challenge!

First prize

Case study: Turkey

  • Mingyi Chen

  • Ella Craig

  • Chai-Yu Hsiao

  • Tevy Kuch

  • Catherine Lewis

  • Tianzi Liu

  • Sama Ansari Pour

  • Ekaterina Yvurkova

Second prize

Case study: Reporters Without Borders

  • Ying Zhou

  • Jiahui Chu

  • Yun Gu

  • Ning Chen

  • Yi Yuan

  • Yuxi Chen

  • Shuyan Dong

  • Yilun Shao

  • Can Shen

Third prize

Case study: Russia

  • Ryan Betts

  • Alex Brotherton

  • Ben Bruce

  • Finn Byrne

  • Fraser Harding

  • Alex Jones

  • Sam Moorhouse

  • Liam Warden

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