International Journalism Week 2014

International Journalism Week 2014

The Department of Journalism Studies is proud to host another International Journalism Week in 2014. Once again the week comprises a fantastic line-up of talks across a range of important subjects, including the reporting of climate change, financial journalism, photojournalism and many more.

Thursday 13 November

Mappin LT14

Reporting Alzheimer Through the Lenses of Photojournalism

Rebeca Pardo
Lecturer in photojournalism, Universidad CEU Abat Oliba, Barcelona, Spain

The Crisis of Financial Journalism

Ian Fraser
Financial journalist and author of Shredded: Inside RBS, The Bank That Broke Britain


Rethinking and Relearning Broadcast Journalism in the Multimedia Era

Marta Scocco
Videojournalist and lecturer in broadcast journalism, HOWEST, Belgium

Friday 14 November


News and Journalism in Latin America

Fernando Rivas
Director of Journalism Studies, Pontifical Catholic University of ValparaĆ­so, Chile


The Change Nature of the Circuit of Communications: Climate Change in the Social

Catherine Happer
Glasgow University Media Group


Bringing Diversity on Air: The Story of the First Afro-Caribbean TV Station in the UK

Alistair Soyode
President, BEN TV