@theNewsworks: a student media masterclass@theNewsworks: The University of Sheffield • 19 October 2013


We're looking for the student publications run by Britain's most promising potential journalists.

We're using our connections in the media to reach some of the sharpest and most influential figures in journalism.

We're bringing the students and the journalists together, here in Sheffield, for a student media masterclass. It's called the Newsworks.

It's a chance to network with other student journalists and explore the best journalism department in the UK. But most of all it's a way to pick up pro tips from the best in the business and supercharge your media skills.

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With: University of Sheffield; Guardian Style; Ones to Watch; McNae's Essential Law for JournalistsWhat's involved?

The Newsworks offers a day of interactive workshops led by some key figures from the media industry.

They'll be talking (and so will you) about hot topics like writing style, media law and social media.

The workshops will also cover vital areas such as ethical journalism in the post-Leveson era, and professional safety for journalists working in dangerous environments.

You'll look at traditional and new media: print, broadcast and online. The Newsworks covers every aspect of the business, combining real, gritty journalism with the latest developments in digital communication.

So join us, pick up vital tips, develop your skills and make your own student media work even better. (If you're considering a career in journalism the Newsworks offers useful insights into the industry too.)


And who else is coming?

We're inviting some of the top student media teams in the UK. So you'll get to mingle with other student journalists just like you. If you're coming along, join up on our Facebook event page once you've booked.

Who's running the show?

Neal MannThe Newsworks is hosted by the Department of Journalism Studies at the University of Sheffield – an internationally renowned centre for teaching and research in journalism.

Media figures leading the sessions are:

  • Neal Mann (right) of the Wall Street Journal and previously Sky News and Channel 5, named in a study as the most influential British journalist on Twitter (@fieldproducer).

Other sessions will be led by staff from the department here at Sheffield – recognised as leading authorities in the field of journalistic law and ethics.

The schedule in full


Booking for the Newsworks is now closed. If you'd like to be informed about any future event, email thenewsworks@sheffield.ac.uk and we'll keep you in the loop.

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Please email thenewsworks@sheffield.ac.uk with any questions or comments about the event, or tweet us @theNewsworks.