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All of the information you need about fees and funding for undergraduate study in the School of Journalism, Media and Communication.

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As part of your degree you have the opportunity to take external exams administered by the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ). There is no additional charge for your first sitting of these exams – this cost is covered by the School of Journalism, Media and Communication. If you resit the exams, however, you will need to pay the fees. (We strongly encourage students to take the NCTJ exams, but they are not compulsory and you don't need to sit or pass them to complete your degree.)

We will also pay the expenses (eg for travel) that you incur in reporting from your 'patch' when you go out into the city to find stories.

Your course fee does not cover the cost of any textbooks, and you will need to buy Teeline Gold Standard for Journalists by Marie Cartwright before your degree begins.

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The University of Sheffield runs several schemes to help you fund your studies and enhance your learning experience. You can use the University's student funding calculator to find out which awards you could be eligible for.

Student funding calculator

Scholarships for undergraduates

Funding is available from the University of Sheffield for undergraduates in Journalism Studies, depending on your circumstances. 

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