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Shakthi Thyagarajan
Shakthi Thyagarajan
BA Journalism Studies
Current student
Shakthi has had her heart set on being an Investigative Journalist since the age of 15. Now, half-way through her BA degree at the University of Sheffield, she has discovered a range of new passions, like Documentary film.
Shakthi Thyagarajan

I had my heart set on being a journalist since I was 15 after being inspired by extraordinary stories unearthed by investigative journalism across the world and history, but especially that of the 1MDB Scandal that shook up the political world in my home country, Malaysia.

As I looked into universities that could best help me get into this dynamic field, all my research drew me towards the University of Sheffield. I managed to ease into life in the UK almost immediately, thanks to the support of my wonderful friends & colleagues I’ve met here; which was convenient, since I was thrown into my course with such momentum I can hardly believe I’m halfway through my degree! 

As I reflect on the past year and a half I realise I have a wide range of skills that Sheffield’s BA Journalism course thinks every modern journalist should have, which really is everything! I can work in the traditional newsroom writing news articles or recording a location voiceover for a radio bulletin if need be. Or I can write a 1000 word feature article for a magazine or produce a video that I filmed & edited myself. 

I have learnt so much that I am not anxious about my future career prospects, because not only do I have these skills that I’m confident will bring me far, I also have the support of staff who give me insight into the field since a lot of them are still working in the industry themselves. I also managed to get an internship with Reuters in the summer of my first year, which I know will boost my CV and am currently looking at other similar opportunities the university curates for us. 

I managed to ease into life in the UK almost immediately, thanks to the support of my wonderful friends & colleagues I’ve met here!

Shakthi Thyagarajan

Initially I was dead-set on specialising in investigative journalism and didn’t care much about the other modules the course offers, but a semester of playing around with industry-grade cameras, mics & other exciting equipment has led me to explore documentary and filmmaking.

I love that this course pushed me to explore opportunities I otherwise wouldn’t have. I am convinced I made the right decision in selecting the University of Sheffield as my first choice. I have no regrets, which is the last thing a student wants to feel with something they’ve invested their time and money into. If you see a future for yourself in journalism, as I did when I was 15, I believe the BA Journalism course at the University of Sheffield will help you transpire it. 

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