Images taken using confocal microscope

This facility is located within the Kroto Research Institute and is part of the instrumentation available for Imaging and Analysis within the Centre for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering.
The microscopes within this facility were supported by two BBSRC grants: BB/D524983/1 - Imaging of 3D Engineered Tissues and BB/E012981/1 - Two Photon Imaging: From Polymeric Materials to Engineered Tissues.

The facility contains two Zeiss LSM510 Meta confocal microscopes which can be booked and operated independently of each other. Both microscopes have their own set of lasers and both can also be connected to a tuneable two-photon Ti-Sapphire laser.

There is an offline PC, running the Zeiss image analysis software, which can be booked for data analysis. 

There is also a Leica inverted epifluorescent microscope with an environmental chamber and camera, and an Olympus inverted epifluorescent microscope with camera.

This open access facility is available for use by researchers based in the Kroto Institute, other users from within Sheffield University and external researchers from both academia and industry. For further details on the theory behind confocal imaging, the facilities available, how to book the facilities or register as a new user please see the links.

The facility also supports users of the Zeiss Lightsheet z.1, and Cellvizio Dual Band Invivo confocal. These two pieces of equipment are within Royce@Sheffield, as part of the Henry Royce Institute 

For further information or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact Dr Nicola Green

Nicola Green

Contact Details

Dr Nicola Green
telephone: 0114 2223932
Room F07
Kroto Research Institute
Materials Science and Engineering
North Campus
Broad Lane
University of Sheffield
Sheffield S3 7HQ
The Confocal Facility can also be contacted directly on ext 57088 (0114 2157088)

Publishing Images Obtained Using the Kroto Imaging Facility

If you would like to incorporate any images obtained within the Kroto Imaging Facility into your published work, please could you ensure that you acknowledge the Kroto Facility within the publication. For advice on how to do this, together with some suggested wording for use in the Materials and Methods section of a publication please follow the link to the Publishing Images webpage.
There is also a list of recent publications that include images or data obtained using the Kroto Imaging Facility. If you have a relevant recent publication which is not included in this list, please send the details to Dr Nicola Green.