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Questioning is the literacy which enables learners to analyse, evaluate, interpret and think critically about information. Questioning, sometimes referred to as critical literacy, sits closely with the literacy of understanding.

Thinking critically about your sources – analysing, evaluating and synthesising information – is an essential part of your studies at university level.

Your work will benefit from using the best evidence and information available, and showing you have researched your question and have reliable evidence to back your arguments.

Online tutorials and videos

What is critical thinking, and why is it important?

Watch the video above, or see it in Kaltura: What is critical thinking, and why is it important?

Evaluating information and critical thinking

Learn how to think critically about your information sources, and evaluate information that you find to ensure that it is reliable, accurate, of good quality, and relevant to your assignment.

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Generative AI literacy Library Guide

This guide will help you understand generative AI (GenAI) tools and how you can use them in ways that assist rather than replace your learning. It explains the limitations of GenAI and how to bring a critical approach to these tools to ensure you use them ethically and effectively. The guide also outlines how to appropriately use and search with GenAI tools and how to acknowledge your use of them. 

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Understanding and questioning images using the five step process

Learn how to use the five step process to analyse and question images, and understand what an image can tell you, both explicitly and implicitly.  

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The Fake News Game

Fake news is all around us - see if you can find the stories you think are untrustworthy to see how well you can spot fake news! This game will help you to learn what to look for when evaluating your sources.

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Questioning and evaluating information

In this workshop you will consider how to critically evaluate information when undertaking independent research and use tools and data available to apply this to relevant resources.

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Decolonising your information searching

In this reflective and practical session, you will explore issues around how certain types of knowledge and information sources have been valued over others, leading to omissions of minority perspectives in research.

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