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Understanding is the literacy which enables you to find meaning and apply context. It encompasses academic reading from a broad range of media, both textual and visual, and intersects closely with critical literacy.

Discovering and using eBooks effectively [online tutorial]

Learn how to discover and use eBooks effectively on some of the key eBook platforms: ProQuest Ebook Central, and VLebooks.

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How to read a journal article [online tutorial]

Learn what scholarly journals are, what type of information they publish, and how to read them effectively.

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Using lecture recordings: a guide for students [PDF]

Learn how to make the most effective use of lecture recordings.

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Understanding and questioning images using the five step process [online tutorial]

View the tutorial as a PDF.

Learn how to use the five step process to analyse and question images, and understand what an image can tell you, both explicitly and implicitly.  

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MindView quick start tutorial video: How to create a mind map [external resource]

This YouTube video is a quick start guide to how to create a mind map using the MindView software. MindView is mind-mapping software that can help you develop and organise ideas visually and then export them into a Microsoft Office document, e.g. Word. MindVIew is available on all PCs (running the IT Services Managed Desktop) within the Information Commons and the Library.  The video is made by MatchWare the creators of MindView. [10:41]

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Using Sensus Access [video]

Sensus Access software is available for anyone with a print based disability, including students with dyslexia or a visual impairment. Watch this screencast to learn how to convert PDF, JPEG, Powerpoint or Word files into text or audio.

Watch the video above, or see it in Kaltura: Using Sensus Access

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