Brexit and Social Housing

Brexit presents great opportunities and challenges. To ensure that Brexit does not have the unintended consequence of increasing the societal divide, it is critical to understand the possible impacts of Brexit on the social housing supply chain to ensure that opportunities are exploited and challenges are minimized. While Brexit is a one-in-a-life-time event supply chain disruptions based on changed in government policy and introduction are surprisingly commonplace and poorly understood.

Nuclear Fusion

FusionFusion offers great opportunities for a low carbon energy future. However, the supply chain challenges are immense. There is a need to ensure that the supply chains develop and evolve appropriately for the R&D, skills, consumables and capital plant as the technology moves from laboratory to demonstrator to industry standard.

Building Sustainable Innovation Ecosystems

While extracting the value of innovation is considered a success, the ideal is for supply chain partners to build on past successes. This is the goal of sustainable innovation ecosystems in which each innovation provides the foundations for the next innovations. Understanding why some networks are prone to developing ongoing innovation while others are not is critical for supply chain digitization.

From Fundamental Research to Real World Application - Algorithms

MountainsThe easiest journey is often not the shortest distance between two points

Real world application of fundamental research tends to focus on finding an application with the potential of incredibly high market potential and setting hoping that one can make the arduous journey across the valley of death that separates the laboratory from the marketplace. We are pursuing an alternative approach considering which of the many different paths is the easiest to follow as a guide to selecting best first initial application. The hypothesis is that following a map across unknown terrain is more effective and requires less energy than following the shortest path between two points.Grand Canyon

Internet of Things (IoT)

While people have benefited from using the internet to interact with each other, the potential benefit from the connection of things that are able to sense, calculate and/or act with people and each other offers tremendous opportunities in a wide range of fields to provide both economic and social benefits. We are considering the application of IoT in Manufacturing, Health Care, Smart Cities and Energy Systems.