Language in Luxembourg: A delicate balancing act?

Students Megan Strutt and Jamie Wilson have collaborated to create a stop-motion video that engages with the language situation in Luxembourg.

Language in Luxembourg: A delicate balancing act? A video created by Luxembourg Studies students

Megan Strutt, who studied Advanced Luxembourgish this year and Jamie Wilson, an MA student on the module Approaches to Luxembourg Studies, have participated in a creative project in which they explore the language situation of Luxembourg in a stop-motion video.

In close collaboration, they drew on their sociolinguistic knowledge to write a text that engages with various aspects linked to the complex language situation of Luxembourg, all the while ensuring to include enough contextual information for a viewer who may be unfamiliar with the Grand Duchy - not an easy task! They also worked on visually representing this information. This was filmed in stop-motion animation with voice over audio-recordings of the text. We hope you enjoy this informative video. 

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