Awesome work from our latest Doctor!

A photo of IDCMC staff

Congratulations to IDC administration staff member Francesca Breeden, known to all here as Chez, who has completed her PhD in Archaeology at The University of Sheffield, entitled Communal Solitude: The Archaeology of the Carthusian Houses of Great Britain and Ireland, 1178-1569.

Chez joined the IDC in February 2018 whilst also writing up her thesis (no mean feat!), completing her viva on 31st August 2018. Chez is a popular figure in the IDC, and a real asset to the team.

Here's hoping she stays with us a little longer, before going off on some further archaeological adventures... Well done Dr Breeden!

A global reputation

Sheffield is a research university with a global reputation for excellence. We're a member of the Russell Group: one of the 24 leading UK universities for research and teaching.