Dr Claire Hinchliffe receives the Sir Colin Humphreys' Education Award

Dr Claire Hinchliffe

Congratulations to Dr Claire Hinchliffe, awarded the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IoM3) Sir Colin Humphreys' Education Award for her pivotal role in the creation of the 'Materials Monopoly' board game.

Dr Hinchliffe attended the Premier Awards Dinner on Tuesday 14 July 2015, at The Roof Gardens in Kensington, where she was presented with the award by IoM3 President, Professor Mike Hicks. 

The Sir Colin Humphreys award recognises the contribution made to enhancing students' scientific/technological literacy through the teaching or support of materials, minerals or mining topics within 11-19 learning, either in the secondary or further education sectors. 

Dr Hinchliffe was nominated for her involvement in the creation of 'Materials Monopoly', the unique version of the popular Monopoly board game, invented by students from the Advanced Metallic Systems Centre of Doctoral Training to engage school children in engineering materials. Features include the replacement of the iconic coloured streets around the board with a range of materials used in science, engineering and manufacturing, from cheap wood to expensive elements like uranium, as well as turning the train stations into facilities such as processing stations.

As project manager for the Advanced Metallic Systems Centre of Doctoral Training, Dr Hinchliffe coordinates the distribution of the game to schools, to give students an idea of the uses of different types of material, and how research develops their capability for different applications.

To date 664 schools have received at least one board, with the game widely discussed by teachers on social media, and featured in the Scottish Technology Teachers Association Journal. 'Materials Monopoly' has also been showcased across a wide variety of events including: The Big Bang Fair Yorkshire and Humber; Headstart Summer School; IoM3 Open Days; University Options with Science and Maths Open Days.

I'm delighted to receive this prestigious award. Materials Monopoly has been a huge success, well received in schools across South Yorkshire, enhancing students' scientific learning in materials science. It's a fantastic achievement for not only the Department but the students involved and recognises their hard work in creating such an engaging, educational tool.


Materials Monopoly