Professor Mark Miodownik speaks on The Future of Materials

Professor Richard Jones, Professor Mark Miodownik and Professor Mark Rainforth

On Tuesday 1 December the Hatfield Lecture Committee presented Professor Mark Miodownik, University College London, as speaker of the 63rd Hatfield memorial lecture.

Held at The Octagon, University of Sheffield, students, staff and the general public were in attendance of the sold out lecture, hearing Professor Miodownik speak on The Future of Materials. 

The lecture looked fifty years into the future of materials science, assessing the possible technical advances and their impact on engineering, society and culture, with his central thesis being that materials development has historically been driven by human needs and desires, and that this is likely to continue into the future.

Themes such as sustainable cities, energy security, food security and healthcare were explored in terms of their materials requirement needs and our likelihood of achieving them.

In appreciation of Professor Mark Miodownik's lecture, Professor Richard Jones (Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation) and Professor Mark Rainforth (former Head of the Department) presented Mark with a spun pewter bowl.

If you were unable to attend the lecture you can access Professor Miodownik's journal on line.

Materials desires, are much harder to forecast; I take the approach that they are likely to be theory-led. Thus possible directions for materials science are explored such as meta-materials and technical textiles and their potential impact on human expression in design, fashion and architecture.


Further information

On 22nd August 1944, the University of Sheffield agreed to be the Trustees of a fund to establish a lecture series "as a memorial to the late Dr William Herbert Hatfield FRS and as a mark of appreciation of his distinguished work in connection with research into the qualities and uses of metals and allied branches of science".

The lecturer is appointed by the University Council on the recommendation of a Lecture Committee consisting of representatives of the University, the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and of a number of other local and national organisations who sponsor the lecture.

The lectures are held annually at the University of Sheffield, usually in the first or second weeks of December.