Postgraduate research poster presentations 2016

On Tuesday 17th May the Department held the second year postgraduate poster presentation; a collaboration with the Industrial Liaison Board (ILB) where students showcase their ongoing research and gain industry feedback.

A committee of industry experts, from a wide range of organisations, the ILB members are invited to judge the poster competition, meeting with each student to assess their knowledge and overall visual impact of the poster. The board works closely with the Department to promote academic - industry research collaborations and enhance degree programmes, ensuring that courses reflect current developments and industry skills requirements to provide successful student development. Their support provides students with the opportunity to gain industry insight as well as develop valuable networking and presentation skills.

Congratulations to the winning students: Marcela, Mohammed and Tanagorn, each awarded a certificate and prize money by Dr Mick May.


Marcela Garcia Martinez with Dr Nick May

Marcela Garcia Martinez, winner of the Biomaterials category for her poster 'Characterising contraction of a tissue-engineered buccal mucosa model with vibrational spectroscopy'.


Mohammed Shbeh with Dr Nick May

Mohammed Shbeh, winner of the Metals category for his poster on 'Titanium foams for dental implants'.


Tanagorn Kwamman with Dr Mick May

Tanagorn Kwamman, winner of the non-metals category for her poster on 'Study of carbide composites and their interfaces for generation IV nuclear reactors'.