Hasselt University awards honorary doctorate to Professor John Provis

Congratulations to Professor John Provis, awarded an honorary doctorate by the Faculty of Engineering Technology at The Hasselt University, Belgium for his outstanding research in addressing issues of sustainability and construction technology.

Professor Luc de Schepper congratulates Professor ProvisAt the campus auditorium on Thursday 28 May as part of the annual Dies Natalis celebration, Professor Provis celebrated his achievement alongside three other awardees, receiving the prestigious award from Professor Luc de Schepper, Rector of Hasselt University.

Professor Wouter Schroeyers and Professor Hervé Degée, of the Faculty of Engineering Technology, nominated Professor Provis for his outstanding scientific achievements in research related to the reuse of waste materials in geopolymers and other construction materials, the development of immobilisation options for nuclear and heavy metal containing wastes and in recognition of his contribution to the RILEM Association.

Professor of Cement Materials Science and Engineering at Sheffield, Prof Provis joined the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in 2012 and became Postgraduate Research Admissions Tutor in 2014. He is a member of the world-leading Immobilisation Science Laboratory (ISL), which focuses on the next generation of waste from nuclear reactors while at the same time resolving issues linked with historical problematic waste sources, and leads the Cements@Sheffield research team which looks at sustainability in construction and nuclear applications of cements.

Professor Provis speaking at the celebration

I am delighted to receive an honorary doctorate from Hasselt University, and look forward to continuing to collaborate with my colleagues there.