Putting the mission into UK nuclear decommissioning

Professor Neil Hyatt, Head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Royal Academy of Engineering and Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Research Chair in Radioactive Waste Management, is speaker at the Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association (SMEA) 2016 evening lecture.

Held on Tuesday 9 February, Professor Hyatt will explore the challenges and solutions in decommissioning nuclear plants. His presentation "Putting the Mission into UK Nuclear Decommissioning" will discuss the disposal of spent fuel as being fundamental to the adoption of nuclear energy, and the challenge of engineering a foolproof system for the immobilisation and long-term deep geological storage of the UK's stock of plutonium."

Further information

The event will take place at the Holiday Inn, Royal Victoria – Sheffield.

Coffee and biscuits will be served at 5.30pm, with the presentation starting at 6.00pm. Non-members are most welcome.

For further details contact Ken Ridal. Email: kenridal@stonedelf.fsnet.co.uk or call: 0114 230 5650.

SMEA is the voice of the materials community in South Yorkshire. Affiliated to IoM3, it is one of the largest regional memberships in IoMwith an extensive programme of activities focused on new innovations in the materials world via the lecture programme.