Sheffield student wins steelChallenge European Championship

Congratulations to PhD student Mozart Queiroz Neto, winner of the 2016 steelChallenge-11 European Regional Championships.

Held online for 24 hours, the steelChallenge Regional Championship is round one of two of the World Championship and aims to challenge students and industry professionals working within the field of steel to solve a technical challenge.

Ran by steeluniversity, an initiative of World Steel Association setup to deliver education and training to current and future employees of steel companies and related businesses, the 11th edition of steelChallenge attracted 1479 participants representing 37 countries, 36% more than 2015. 

Each participant had the choice of using one or more of the steelmaking simulations available on the website. They then had the task of designing, developing and producing a grade of steel that met technical requirements at the lowest cost per tonne.

Participants could undertake unlimited 'runs' of the simulation during the 24 hour competition, with a run classed as when the simulation had completed the set time, the result had been registered in the competition database, and the competitor had received a confirmation of successful completion.

The 3 best ‘runs’ of each participant were averaged to determine their score and placement in the Regional Championship.

Mozart, was announced winner of Region 2: Europe, CIS, Middle East and Africa, and will now compete against winners of Region 1: North and South America, Region 3: Asia and Oceania and Region 4: China at the World Championships in Beijing, China on 11 April 2017. 

Mozart Queiroz Neto

I am delighted to win. This competition is really tough because participants only know which kind of steel to produce and which conditions when the 24 hours of the challenge begins.  I have been studying and practicing where possible because it is so important to understand steelmaking processes, chemical reactions in different reactors, mass balance and raw material steel prices.

I am proud to represent such a large region (Europe, Africa, Middle East and CIS) as well as The University of Sheffield; it is the first time a student based in the UK has won.

Now, it is time to get ready to reach the higher level and compete in the world championship in China.


As well as an all expenses paid trip, Mozart will compete for the World Champion certificate, a cash prize and the steelChallenge trophy.

Good luck Mozart!

Further information

Mozart Queiroz Neto is from Brazil, currently completing year two of his PhD. Supervised by Professor Mark Rainforth, his research focuses on new beta titanium alloys for biomedical applications.